The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is now!

We’re back in business and our 2019 tree sale is underway!  This year, Westport in Bloom has thirty-eight varieties of top-quality shade trees, flowering trees and fruit trees, many of them native and all of them bred to withstand cold weather and specially selected for our local climate.  CHECK THEM OUT BELOW!

They’re big – the majority 7 or 8 feet tall, or more – but because most come with their roots bagged in plastic, not in heavy pots of soil, they’re light to carry and easy to plant.   More often than not, the trees we receive are significantly taller than indicated in our product listing.  And the root mass of a bare-root tree can be up to 200% larger than the roots of a balled-and-burlapped or container tree!  Our bargain-basement prices range from $35-$90 – most of them LOWER than last year – and you pay no tax.

For 2019, we’ll have more fruit trees (including peaches and plums), more of our ever-popular maples and oaks and crabapples, and some beautiful trees we’ve never offered before, along with some flowering shrubs and a few container-grown plants.  The trees we purchase are grown in a prize-winning commercial nursery, where they are shaped and root-pruned while they are young.  In the spring, they are trucked to Westport, where we pack them in airtight bags with the proper amount of moisture, ready for pickup. Along with your tree, you will receive a package of MYKE (an all-natural mycorrhizal inoculant that protects, strengthens and enhances plant health and root development) and planting instructions.

Every penny we earn goes into helping keep our village beautiful – from providing and maintaining hanging baskets, memorial planters, gardens, Christmas decorations and colourful street banners, to donating and planting trees and flowering bushes around the village.  At the same time, the sale is also a public service that gives residents a low-cost way to improve the value of their own property, maintain the village’s traditional tree canopy and help the environment.  In addition, a tree is a great way to celebrate a wedding, welcome a new baby or remember someone special!  And of course, the promise of a tree makes a super gift for any occasion, all wrapped up in dreams of springtime.

We’ve been taking orders since early December, since our supplier’s most popular varieties – particularly fruit trees – tend to sell out early.  As usual, we’ll have the trees ready for pickup in Westport on April 27, just in time for spring planting.

If any of the varieties you are looking for are listed as Sold Out, please contact  We will continue to try to re-stock, and will let you know if they become available.

So start dreaming of spring – and get your order in early!



Download our detailed tree descriptionsTREES 2019

Download our planting instructions: PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS 2019

Other questions? Check our TREE FAQs.


Please note: As of January 30, 2019, we are sold out of the following trees and are unable to restock them:

Almond, Flowering
Apple, McIntosh
Apple, Royal Gala
Crabapple, Prairifire
Magnolia, Susan
Maple, Firefall
Peach, Reliance
Pear, Early Gold
Plum, Italian
Spruce, Baby Blue
Spruce, Colorado Blue



Almond Flowering SO

Apple Crimson CrispApple HoneycrispApple McIntosh SOapple royal gala so

Birch YellowBurning Bush

Cedar EmeraldCrabapple harvest Gold 2

crabapple prairifire soHoneylocust SunburstHydrangea QuickfireLilac Ivory SilkLilac Ludwig SpaethLilac Pride of Moscow

Lilac WeepingMagnolia Susan SO

Maple Amur Ruby Slippers

Maple Autumn Festmaplefallfiestabranchedwhipmaple firefall so

Maple Red (Native)

Maple Red Sunset

Maple Sugar (Native)

Oak Crimson SpireOak Red (Native)Peach RedhavenPeach Reliance SOPear BartlettPear Early Gold SOPear Golden Spiceplum italian soSandcherry PurpleleafSaskatoonberry Standing Ovation SOServiceberry Princess Diana 2spruce baby blue soSpruce Colorado Blue SOWillow Prairie Cascade

Trees well watered and properly cared for will have an excellent survival rate

Sorry, no guarantees or refunds: we’re totally non-profit

Thank you for your understanding


THANK YOU for supporting Westport in Bloom!